CariFree Starter Kit (Mint)

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CariFree Starter Kit (Mint) Description

This CariFree Starter Kit contains a 1-month supply of our 3 most popular products, 1 bottle CTx3 Rinse, 1 tube CTx4 Gel 1100, and 1 4-pack of the CTx2 Spray. When these three products are used together with the xylitol and unique pH+ technology in the CTx3 Rinse neutralizes decay-causing acids, while the Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles in the low abrasion CTx4 Gel aid in remineralization. The CTx2 Spray helps increase saliva flow and elevate pH after eating or before bedtime. Best if used for long-term prevention and maintenance. Alcohol-free, Dentist recommended anticavity.

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