Hair Straightener Brush Fast Hair Straightener (HQT – 906)

Hair Straightener Brush Fast Hair Straightener (HQT – 906) Description

Products Introduction 1.PTC heater with the fast heat up and fast heat recover, 80 – 230 celsius(180-450 fahrenheit degree) precision temperature digital display. 2.When the panel temperature is 230 celsius, the top of the comb teeth temperature is just about 55 celsius(130fahrenheit degree), it will not scald your skin , but also it can massage your head and relax you. 3.It is easy to convert celsius to fahrenheit,just press “+” and “-” at the same time,then the temperature is automatically change . 4.It is safe and greater to straighten your hair ,your hands and your scalp will not be scald, biological activity will adjust your hair’s oil balance,that will be improve your sleep quality. Operation Instruction 1.Keep the hair clean,dry and neatly before you combed. 2.Connect the comb and press the switch for 3 seconds,the item will be on, press “+” or “-” to set a temperature to your desired. 3.If you have the thick dense hair or perm hair,you can choose a higher temperature like 210-230 degrees celsius(410-450fahrenheit degree). 4.Use the comb to brush your hair from up to down,constant repetition for several times,you will have the shiny and straight hair. 5.Press the switch for 3 seconds to off it,this products is one hour auto-off. Straightener Warning 1.Before you use the item,please check whether it had damaged.if it is damaged,please stop using it. 2.Do not use it in the bathroom and pool or any wet place,it is easy to cause damage. 3.Do not transform,disassembly or repair the item by yourself. 4.This product can not be put into the fire or external heating. 5.Do not allow children under the age of 14 to use this product in the absence of adults.

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